Weekly Wears!

Hope you all had a great week and weekend!  Christmas is almost here (yay!) but I still have a BUNCH to do!  Here is what I have  been up to over the last week!

A little lunch downtown with my Grandpa.  I had extra Fireball in my purse (don’t ask) and he’s always up for something new soooo – needless to say, our lunch ended with a bang!

A new toy & new jacket….

A winter wonderland….

New stationary that I LOVE!

Outfit for our work Christmas lunch….

Find the dress HERE

Similar ones:  HERE, HERE, and HERE

New bling from J.Crew.  Find them HERE & HERE

Picking fabric for our basement sofa….

And we are making progress in our living room!  Added a new table for behind the sofa!

And I got around to organizing my accessories tower!

And looks like he found a new buddy…



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