guest room redo

As we are slowly moving in and getting things for the house, I have felt pretty clear about my vision for each room EXCEPT one of the guest bedrooms.  The walls were already painted this pretty periwinkle color but it just isn’t my style.  The adjoining bathroom is light pink with green toile wallpaper.  Very cute but doesn’t really coordinate with the color in the bedroom.

I moved in what we have and am figuring out how to redesign while still giving a nod to the restroom.  I want to use SOMETHING that we already have so I don’t feel like we are completely starting from scratch, so I am thinking something like this….

Light green/sage walls to compliment the paper in the restroom…

Beige/white striped bedding (which we already have)

and small, subtle hints of pink….



What are your thoughts?  I’m not normally someone who is very into the pink & green thing but without a clear definition on when we will redo the bathroom (if ever), I need to make sure it all coordinates!



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