weekly wears!

We had a fabulous week that was filled with fun but was very very productive.  Those are the best!  Here is a highlight of my week 🙂

Couldn’t wear these any longer at work.  Clip ons are just tough sometimes….

The chicken salad melt I made with prosciutto wrapped asparagus….(recipe coming tomorrow) 

My fav table decoration got a makeover for the rest of the winter….

Two amazing coffee table books arrived and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Another dinner I made.  The ravioli was goat cheese and sun dried tomato from Trader Joes…

Some sparkly numbers I made for a friend’s 30th birthday party….

Until we get our sofa for the basement, this is (by far) the coziest spot in the house.  Although I’ll be excited to use our basement, I still hope we spend a ton of time in here….

You never go into Gap without leaving with SOMETHING.  This sweater is AMAZING.  Find it HERE.

And one of my fav bracelets to match!  J.Crew is sold out but check out THIS one instead!

A little pop of spring to lighten my mood in this winter weather!



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