chicken & avocado salad sandwich

you asked, so here it is!  for those that don’t follow me on instagram (follow me: hillarykweidner) i posted a picture of a chicken salad melt i made last week.  it was DELISH and super easy (for those working women out there!).  here are the details!

i bought a rotisserie chicken from Fresh Market and just shredded it…..

then I added 2 avocados, cubed…

juice of ½ lime…i used the whole lime since i love the flavor….

and about ½ cup of cilantro and ¼ cup of green onions….

finally, i added about a tablespoon of mayo (not pictures because who likes to see mayo)…

i put the salad on top of a toasted bagel with muenster cheese.  put it in the oven on broil until it starts to bubble on top.  easy peasy!



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