weekly wears

what a week!  it started out great and then I got the flu 🙁  total bummer but luckily, I was back to 100% by the end of the week.  

[my bestie trying to make me feel better & so happy he has someone to hang during the day]

[had a tree cut down in the back and now we have firewood for literally the rest of our lives]

[he loves ruining a made bed]

[headed down to findlay market to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies for our new juicer]

[and then we got the best.news.ever.  i am an aunt (again) but this time to an adorable little BOY!  words cant express how thrilled i am for my brother & sister in law AND excited for Edie to have a little brother.  she will be the best big sister].

[all brushed and ready for pictures]

[my outfit for our sunday afternoon pics.  this is so random but our wedding photographer —-kortnee kate photography—-asked us if we would participate in a “couple’s shoot”.  they were interviewing photogs to add to their team and needed a couple to be in their pics.  we were so excited to participate & we get all of the pics!!!!  can’t wait to share them 🙂  kortnee kate and her team are incredible and seriously such a FUN person to work with.  get my sweater here.]

[life is tough]

[made a little juice this morning before heading to work]

hope you all have a great week!  I have a fun one ahead with friends and celebrating the big 2-8 on Friday!



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