gogo jewelry

the magical island of cumberland had an equally incredible story behind their jewelry shop.  when we first heard there was a place to purchase a momento from the trip we walked up to the home and knocked on the door only to be greeted by an adorable woman named hannah.  she graciously welcomed us into this room full of beautiful statement jewelry (like I wasn’t already obsessed with this place). 

gogo and her daughter hannah started creating jewelry years ago out of their appreciation of the nature that surrounds them.  they walk the beach, the gardens, and the forest finding different treasures that they can use in their designs.  they are most famously known for designing John & Carolyn Kennedy’s wedding rings and providing jewelry to famous musicians, artists, and fashion icons.

find out more about hannah and gogo here.  learn about how they make their unique jewelry here.  

enjoy some pictures below 🙂

[armadillo shell….]

[coral cuff…..]

[dolphin disc…..]

[rattlesnake rib….]



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