weekly wears

My aunt and I are throwing a 30th birthday party for Jordan & my cousin next weekend and I could not be more excited!  Jordan was gone most of the weekend at a bach party so it was the perfect weekend to get my running around done 🙂

[Someone enjoying the sunshine and daffies in the backyard…]

[I stopped into Marshall’s this week and picked up this little ditty.  I love a good jumpsuit…]

[Still on the hunt for a living room rug!]

[Getting ready for a friend’s baby shower Friday night.  Find the shirt here.]

[And out of all of the places to sit…..]

[And I was on my way]

[While running birthday errands I found myself in Nordstrom Rack and half contemplating buying this.]

[Running my birthday errands….]

[Found these adorable closet essentials at Old Navy!  Oxfords were only $12!  Find them here.]

[Getting all ready for my 2nd baby shower of the weekend.  The MOST EMBARRASSING thing happened to me.  I got ready, put on my blue (since they’re having a boy), and went to go pick up a couple of friends for the shower.  I honk in front of the house, call, go knock on the door for what felt like an hour and finally my friend comes to the door and tells me the shower isn’t until Sunday.  Absolute fail….but at least I got pics from my outfit!  Find my necklace here.]

[A little walk on Sunday morning….]

Hope you all had a great weekend! XO


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