swimwear for moms-to-be

In the spirit of the nice weather, I enlisted the help of my pregs friend Sarah to tell us the bathing suits she’s been scoping out.  

Without further adieu, here is are her best recommendations!

Advantages and Disadvantages to a Summer Pregnancy: Think Swimwear

            Being pregnant in the summer time certainly has its advantages, especially for a teacher like myself.  I am due at the end of August and am definitely thankful to have three months to prepare for our first baby. 

            Another advantage is the ability to wear loose fitting flowy tops and dresses.  I swear I hardly have to buy maternity dresses and tops because most of the ones I own already will see me through the majority of the pregnancy.

            Personally, I do not mind being hot, not a big fan of sweating, but after the winter we have ALL endured I will welcome some sunshine and if it puts a little sweat on my brow so be it!

            Now the concern I have is in regards to swim wear.  What in the world will I wear on the Heekin family vacation to Longboat Key, to the pool, and the O’Neill family lake house all summer? Do I just go for showing the bump and all its glory in my usual bikini?  Do I opt for the rising in popularity one piece?  Should I go for an in between if you will, with the tankini?  I have spent lots of time scouring the Internet for “cute” maternity swimwear and I am just not so sure about the options out there.  Here is what I have come up with thus far and then I will share the route I am thinking of going….


Find this suit HERE.

 While I think the bow and color are cute on this ASOS one piece I feel as though it does not even do the model any favors.  I am also not so sure I would opt for a color in a one piece.  I feel like color at least a light colored one piece will not be hiding any concern areas….perhaps magnifying would be a better word!


Find this suit HERE.

This is from Nordstrom.com and is made my Maternal America.  I personally really like this option for the tankini route.  It is the always-flattering black, top is still kind of sexy with the low V, and it just looks comfortable.


Find this suit HERE

 Another Nordstrom.com Maternal America option, I love the color.  I would like to think this would be flattering.  Not so sure I love the string halter, but definitely in the running.  Something about it seems bright and happy!


Find this suit HERE.

Yet Another Nordstrom.com Maternal America option, I am a sucker for navy and nautical looks. I especially like the bottoms on this one.  For some reason I feel like the side tie is more slimming on the hips and lower tummy.  This one is one of my top choices for tankinis as well.



NOW here is what I actually bought from Ann Taylor Loft.  I ordered this top and bottom in my size and a size up to just SEE if I could keep it real bearing the bump in a regular bikini.  We shall see how this little plan goes, but I will most likely be purchasing a tankini for security and those self-conscious moments that will be inevitable!  A tankini just seems to be the most flattering, forgiving, and comfortable.

Side note:  Ann Taylor Loft has really cute maternity



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