weekly wears

I am so disappointed in myself that I barely took any pictures this weekend!  Friday night we celebrated my Dad’s birthday in our backyard with a few beverages and apps.  It was a nice, breezy night outside and the company was outstanding 🙂

Saturday my little sister and I went down to the PLN dodgeball tournament that Jordan was co-chairing.  I had never been down to the event before and was AMAZING with how big of a turn out it was!  Hundreds of young professionals playing dodgeball and all of the proceeds go to charity.  It was incredible.

Sunday morning my dad took Carolyn & me to one of his fave spots – The Swampwater Grill.  I have been hearing about this place for weeks and finally got to try their breakfast.  It was great and, of course, we had a blast. [ dress from forever21]


Hope you all had a great weekend too!



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