plantation shutters

Today is like Christmas in July.  We are getting plantation shutters put on all of our windows on the 1st floor of our house & I am beyond excited about getting home today to see the full transformation!

When we moved in, only a few windows on our second floor had blinds on them.  We kept stalling on figuring out what we were going to do with all of the windows and finally, after a few nights home alone and wanting some privacy freaking myself out that someone could easily look into our family room and see me sitting there alone – we decided to make a move.

We aren’t big, heavy drape people and wanted something clean that would compliment the charm of the house.  Plantation shutters downstairs and regular blinds upstairs were just the perfect fit. 

Here are some pictures that inspired the decision……

I will make sure to post some before and after pictures so you all can see the full transformation!  AH!  Can’t wait to head home tonight!



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