you guys….

…..we bought a crib this weekend.  It might not seem like a big deal to most but wow – did it make everything very real!  On Saturday we met my sister and her boyfriend at Half Cut for drinks and a late lunch and after Jordan had a few, I convinced him to head to Pottery Barn Kids with me “just to look” at cribs and changing tables.

We got there, made a decision, purchased and went home to put together.  VERY productive Saturday evening!

NOW, I am having a hard time figuring out my color scheme for the nursery!  The crib is white and when we get a changing table it will be white as well.  I haven’t figured out the configuration of the room yet let alone what colors I am going with (since we aren’t finding out).

Since we are painting our hallway grey on grey stripes, I kind of wanted to do a different color for the nursery.  Possibly tans, creams, and off whites.  Possibly incorporate some blues?  Thoughts?

I figure the more neutral I keep it, the more I can sprinkle in pink or blue! Ah!  Decisions, decisions…



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