nursery update

Hi, Everyone!

I wanted to share some new info on our ever evolving nursery!  So far, we have installed the light from Pottery Barn that you can find HERE.  And we bought the crib from Pottery Barn too.  My latest purchase was the rocker & ottoman from Pottery Barn and I am soooooo excited for it to arrive! The next 10-12 weeks are going to crawl by.

My next task is to find a fabric for the nursery and one that Jordan actually likes.  I thought I could get away with a couple snow leopard very chic prints but he just wasn’t having it.

Here are some options for the fabric.  This fabric will be for our crib skirt, bumper, and a possible window treatment.  I am loving blues and whites (easy to mix pink or navy depending on sex of baby).  We are leaning towards the first and are sooooo excited!








Thoughts?!  Too boyish?!  Would love some feedback!



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