weekly wears

What a wonderful week and weekend!  Here are some highlights…

[Dinner at my aunt & uncle’s house while Jordan was out of the country….]

[Baked apples…..delish!]

[This little guy was the man of the house for a week….]

[Sleeping on the job…..]

[And finally they were reunited!]

[An interesting spelling of my name….]

[Friday night my younger sister & I went to the Bulldog Boutique at our highschool.  It is a night to get together with old classmates and have apps, drinks, and they also have a ton of vendors set up.  We spotted these 2 onesies at the spirit wear shop….can’t wait to get one!]

[A little bump update….]

[And Sunday juicing!  I started making a big batch of juice on Sundays and then freezing them in 5 different containers.  It makes it so easy to just pull out for each day of the week and enjoy the vitamins without having to clean your juicer every day.  Below are the ingredients to the juice I made this week and the one I made last week.  Enjoy!]

[This week:  beets, carrots, celery, lemon, apples, ginger root, oranges]

[Last week:  cucumber, celery, lemon, mint, ginger root, apples, spinach]



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