weekly wears

These weeks are FLYING by!  Hope you all had a great week and weekend – here are a few highlights from my week and trip to my fave city – Chicago!

[ Couldn’t help but think about what I am going to dress Baby W up as next year 🙂 ] 

[Speaking of Baby W….growing like a weed!]

[One of the best surprises I’ve received recently!  I got this little ditty in the mail from a co-worker and was SO excited!  So unexpected & generous and really made my week 🙂 ] 

[Some snacks & apps with a few of my faves in Chicago….]

[We had brunch at the most amazing place, Siena Tavern.  DELISH brunch and the company wasn’t bad either ;)]

[One of my friend’s moms…how adorable is she???]

[And then headed out to cheer on ND!  Scarf wrap from Zara here].

[And a VERY necessary stop on the way home…]



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