weekly wears

Back from our babymoon and boy, was it a good trip!  Here are some highlights from the week!

[Dinner out with friends.  Jordan called me a “black widow baby” but this new maternity shirt has been such a comfy savior.  OH – and my new favorite wrap that doubles as a scarf?  From Urban Outfitters. AND – my new fave boots from Nordstrom and they are TOMS.  So comfy.  Find them here.]

[Adorable Kate Spade shoes posted by Glitter Guide.  LOVE.]

{AND OFF on vaca….]

[Apps at sunset…my favorite…]

[One of the best sandwiches I have ever had…from Starfish Company...]

[And we came back Sunday to a freshly painted nursery.  It used to be a yellow room but we converted to a gray and I couldn’t be more please.]

[And this incredible handmade baby blanket.  This was definitely the highlight of my week.  I received this adorable and thoughtful gift form my aunt that lives in Florida and she MADE this for baby W.  I was so overwhelmed (and still am) about the generosity and time it took to make this.  It will hold a special place in the nursery and a special place for baby W.]

Hope you all had a great week too!



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