hospital – what to pack

Thankfully, I had a bunch of friends send me lists of what the heck to pack for the hospital.  I definitely OVERpacked (shocker) but was glad I had everything I needed.

For Mom:

1)  the app  Baby Bundle.  This app saved my life.  It keeps track how much the baby ate, when they ate last, and what type of diaper they had.  Sounds crazy but when the pediatrician looks you dead in the eyes and asks “how many dirty diapers and wet diapers in the last 24 hours” or “how many ounces did she eat in the last 24 hours” you will wish you kept track.

2)  nursing bras or tanks.  I LIVED in this tank.  Find it here and go a size up.

3)  robe.  I bought this and loved it.  Total side note.  One of my friend’s moms had a great tip for me.  A couple of weeks after the baby is born and people want to stop over – make sure you wear your robe.  It reminds people that you are still recovering and then they won’t stay super long.

4)  sweatpants and loose tops.  This was great over a tank and loose pants.  Also loved wearing this tank.

5)  going home outfit

6)  stuff to shower (face wash, soap, washclothes, etc)

7)  breast pump (I got mine at the hospital)

8)  camera

For Dad:

1) iphone chargers

2) pajamas

3)  computer and cords

4) dirty clothes bag

5)  everything to shower

6)  going home outfit

7) snacks

8)  pillow

For Baby:

1) Going home outfit.  If you aren’t finding out what you’re having, then this brand makes GREAT reversible onesie that Bea came home in.  One side has an adorable blue print and the other side – pink!

2)  blanket.  At some hospitals they go around and take newborn pics of the baby and I loved having our plus white blanket in them.

3)  Long sleeved white onesies with the mitten things so they don’t scratch themselves.  You can find some here.

Also, if there is one tip I can give it is give yourself some time once you get home from the hospital.  We told all of our family and friends that we needed 3 full days without anyone popping over so we could figure out what the heck we were doing and we also just wanted to enjoy the first few days as a family of three without any distractions.  It was the best.



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