working momma

I headed back to work for the first time this week.  Wednesday and Thursday this week, Tuesday-Thursday next week and then my usual Monday-Thursday the following week.

Many of you are probably wondering “how do you go back to work with something so massive going on in your life?”

I SO struggled with this and am still struggling with this question.  How can I think of anything other than the fact my baby is in a hospital bed?  It doesn’t seem fair that I can get a break from the hospital but she can’t.  I’m overwhelmed with guilt and am completely torn.

BUT the answer to the above question is:  I’m doing it for the Beaze.  I will be a better mom if I try to get back into the real world and I will be a better wife if I don’t let hospital life consume me. And quite frankly…I love my job and the people I work with.

It also helps that we have the amazing support of my mom and mother in law to sit with her at the hospital.

SO, after completing my first 2 days back I will definitely say that I am better for it.  Although it was a struggle getting back in the saddle (which I think it would have been regardless of Bea’s situation), it was a great distraction and being really busy kept me feeling like a normal person.  I made it through and got a lot of work done at the same time.    

Jordan made me feel the best by texting me in the middle of my work day “I bet you never knew how strong of a person you are.”  and he is right.

Now, making the transition back to mixing in some fun blog posts, I wanted to share with you a few items that are great for any mom heading back to work after having a baby.   Enjoy!

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2.  J.Crew for $128


3.  J.Crew for $49.50


4.  J.Crew for $88


5.  Blazer for $178 


Total side note – we are looking for a nanny Tuesdays-Thursdays if you know of anyone.  🙂  Once we get Beazy home, she will act and function like a totally normal babe so there isn’t any special things that need to be done.  They would need to start April 7th. 



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