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Hi, Everyone!  Happy Monday.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours started out not-so-quiet but ended up being a relaxing one.  I spent the beginning part of Friday at Children’s Hospital going through “Phase 2″ of testing and then Bea & Jordan met me there in the afternoon for her weekly appointment.  I will get results back from my “phase 2″ some time today or tomorrow and her appointment went well on Friday.  Gained a little bit of weight (which is awesome) but had a deficiency in vitamin K so we had to go back Saturday to get an additional shot.  Not fun but thankful that Jordan took one for the team and took her to get it.

We had dinner with friends Friday night and then went and enjoyed the weather Saturday afternoon at Ault Park for picnic.  It was SO nice getting out of the house and ignoring the millions of things that needed to get done to just spend time with Bea and Jordan.  

We enjoyed dinner & The Lion King on Saturday night with friends.  Sunday started out crazy at the Lilly Pulitzer for Target the rest of the day was low key with the family (I was traumatized from the stampede).   Great weekend.  

A surprise gift in the mail from a friend….#BEAstrong

A daily picture from our nanny makes being a work so much easier….

Bea and her cousin, Patrick, at their first meeting 🙂

Before my CT Scan at Children’s hospital….the animals were kind of freaking me out.

Such a trooper after her shots…..

Picnic time!

Before the mad dash…

The dress I made it out with…I also got a lot of cute things for beazy…

The Lion King.  HIGHLY recommend seeing this!



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