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Hi, Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  Our week, last week, was filled with doctor appointments for both Bea & I.  Bea had another ultrasound where they found a little more fluid in her belly which means we have to start monitoring her very closely so that the fluid doesn’t get infected.  One of the surgeons said it is actually a good ting to have some fluid build up as it will stretch her stomach out and make more room for when they do the transplant.  I had an appointment with my anesthesiologist and dietitian and both went well.  All in all, we are moving in the right direction.

Here are some photo highlights of our week….

[My new fave drink from Coffee Emporium – the Bumble Bee with a Buzz]

[Jordan & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary 🙂 ]

[And miss Bea at her ultrasound….]

[Celebrated a big 5 months]

[The fabric we are using to have matching hospital gowns made.  Yes, we will be wearing matching hospital gowns for our surgery.  And yes, those are bumble bees made our of hearts. 🙂 ] 

[Jordan & I had our first night away from Bea and decided to go down to Louisville for the night.  We stayed at the 21C and went on a hunt for some artwork for our home.  We had a nice dinner and SLEPT IN.  It was much needed and we sooo appreciated the babysitting help from my parents.]

[Just a little dessert for two]

[And my favorite purchase from the trip.  A horseshoe to hang above our door to catch good luck from those who enter….]

[While we were away….]

[A sunny walk to the farmer’s market….]

[And a quote I saw over the weekend.  I absolutely love it.]



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