weekly wears

[Bea met her new friend – sweet, sweet Georgia Brennan.  Instant besties.]

[Over their mommas trying to take pics]

[I couldn’t help but laugh so hard at this major side eye from a picture I found.  I see many teenage side eyes  in my future.]

[But she will redeem herself by batting those amazing lashes.  Seriously.  I wish they were mine.]

{Exciting stuff over here – started Bea on some baby food and while she’s still deciding if she even likes it – she is having fun trying it,]

[Beauties outside of our house.]

[Getting some fresh air]

[My Friday morning….]

[And my newest addition – a gold bracelet with the coordinates of Good Samaritan Hospital (where I had Bea).  Amazing first Mother’s day gift 🙂 ] 

[Bea got to see her bestie/future Miami University roomie, Holland, and unfortunately the side eye was in full effect.]

[And my very first and very dear dear friend’s wedding shower over the weekend. Beautiful couple & gorgeous night.]

[And a Sunday catch up session with some of my faves…]

[The OG – Bea Hobson.  The inspiration for our Beazy’s name.  I think they hit it off. 🙂 ] 

[Another day outside accompanied by our pager from the 90′s.]




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