Happy Tuesday!  

I have great news to report – we have raised over $7,000 for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital research of Biliary Atresia.  

This is HUGE and couldn’t have been done without the major MAJOR support of The Spotted Goose’s** Amy Fessler & Alex George.  What truly incredible women to take on the task of making these t shirts, selling them in store, and managing all of the accounting. This was quite the undertaking and we can’t thank them enough.

**The Spotted Goose just launched their online store!  Check it out HERE!

We also couldn’t have done it without the support of ALL OF YOU! Those who purchased t shirts or spread the word- you are truly special people and Bea is so lucky to have your support.  I can’t wait until she is older and show her all of the pictures posted with the #BEAstrong.

While at the hospital this week, I presented the check and CCMH couldn’t have been more grateful.  The funds will go directly to the research team looking for a cause & cure for biliary atresia.

THANK YOU all again for your support & for your generosity.  This is the first of many fundraising efforts because our hope is that we can help prevent this disease from affecting any other family.




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