7 dollars for 7/7

Happy Monday, Everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend.  Ours started off with a little adventure (that’s par for the course these days) but overall it was quiet.

I wanted to share with you my fundraising website Cincinnati Children’s helped me set up.  So far, we have raised over $6,500 for the research of Biliary Atresia.  

Our goal is to hit $10,000 by the time our big day comes – 7/7.  


I am officially asking for everyone and anyone looking to help us find more information on BA to donate $7 in honor of our little Bea’s liver transplant on 7/7.  

Below is the link and we would love to see your well wishes to Bea when you donate.  The comment section is open on the website.

Seven Dollars.  That’s it!  Please donate and help us make a difference!


[The money from our first round of tshirt purchases donated to Children’s Hospital.  THANK YOU, The Spotted Goose!]

[Adjusting to her feeding tube]

[I got a sweatshirt made for myself for the chilly days and nights in the hospital.  Turned out great.]

[Cookies sent to us by a friend.  Obsessed.]

[Someone pulled out their feeding tube right before Children’s marketing department came over to do a video on Bea.  She decided it just wasn’t a good look for the camera.]

[When she realized we had to go back to put it back in.]

[….and someone learned their lesson.]

[And a very thoughtful friend of mine organized a charity ride at DEFINE in Oakley.  It was truly incredible and we raised over $1,000 for Children’s!]

[And finally – someone had a 6 month birthday :)]



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