Staying Strong

Carolyn Kelly here, reporting to you LIVE from Children’s Hospital!!  I have always dreamed of being a news reporter so when Jordan asked me to share an update, I jumped at the chance. 

Okay I just need to say it…My sister is amazing!! It is hard to even come up with the words to express my admiration for my big sister, Hillary.  Her ability to #beastrong throughout all of this is incredible. AND Beazy…I mean who knew someone so small could have such strength. ALSO, Jordan…. Father of the year! He is handling everything with such grace and is constantly checking on his girls.  The Weidner family is unbelievable.  

Both Hillary and Bea are doing really well.  We just moved Hillary out of the ICU and are getting settled in our new room.  Hillary looks great and is managing her pain well.  She is in and out of sleep, but when Hillary is awake she is smiling as usual and is in good spirits. Her main motivation is to see Bea and she has been able to do so twice so far! This is an awesome accomplishment.  Bea is also doing well and is loving the visits from her mom.  I have heard that her coloring is already changing and her levels are lowering as her new liver working!  

These next few days are very important as both Hillary and Beazy have some big milestones to overcome.  Your prayers and support are so appreciated.  We have all been overwhelmed by the love and support of all of Hillary and Bea’s friends. We will continue to do our best to update everyone as the days pass.  #beastrong

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