Post-op for the queen

Well hello.  Needless to say, it has been a crazy few days and as I write this I am still not “totally with it” thanks to the pain medication. 

First – we are all doing well.  I was rolled back to the operating room around 7:30am on Tuesday and was immediately put to sleep.  Bea went back the next door operating room around 9:30am. They had to time everything perfectly so that Bea was ready receive my piece of the liver,

While everything was going on, Jordan & family would get a visit from someone who would give hourly updates.  Everything went pretty smoothly and they found out that my liver was more perfect than they thought.  

When they were finished with me they kept me asleep until it was determined that they didn’t  need anything else from me (a vein in my leg, etc).

The total surgery started at 7:30am and didn’t end until 8:30pm.  VERY very long day. 

When we both were ready – they moved us to the ICU at Children’s and after 2 days they moved me down to our normal floor.  Bea is currently still up in ICU just to be monitored.

Okay updates on how she’s doing.  Bea has literally been the strongest girl in this situation.  They took out her breathing tube in record time, took out the feeding tube, and started her on Pediaite, and then normal formula.  Over the last few days her coloring has changed DRAMATICALLY and the whites of her eyes turned from yellow to white.

Update on me.  I got a ton of lines taken out of today and it was pretty painful but I’m glad it’s over.  The incision in from my belly button up to my breastbone and it hurts…like a lot.  We are still trying to figure out a good balance of pain meds but I took a small walk today and visited Bea 2x today in a wheelchair.

On Monday, Bea goes back for another surgery to close the muscle layer where her incision is. They reason they only closed the skin later is because her insides were swollen and they didnt think they could close it all of the way.  This, again, will be a big surgery (not nearly as big as her transplant).

I will go home around Tuesday if I keep eating and drinking a decent amount.  Bea wil likely have another 2 weeks here but who knows since shes doing so well!

THANK YOU all so much for your love and support.  We truly feel it here ar Children’s .



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