this is a miracle

Hi!  I know I updated the blog a couple of days ago but so much has changed since then – in great ways!

The doctors are acting like this is the fastest anyone has recovered from living donation & as a recipient.  They even said they are going to start looking at living donation as an option more than they do now.

Bea was only in ICU for a few days and she moved down to the regular GI floor right next to me!  It makes it SO much easier to see each other and it makes things a little easier for Jordan too.

Bea is taking SO many bottles and she’s just playing around.  Like me, she’s on a decent amount of pain medication but she seems comfortable.

Tomorrow they take her back to the operating room to close her muscle layer (They only closed the skin layer because her belly was too swollen after her transplant).  The next couple of days will be rough for her because it will be very painful but as she does time and time again, she will fight through!

As for my recovery – they basically said I could get discharged today (Sunday).  I opted to stay a little longer so that when Bea is in surgery, I can be here.  After being discharged probably like Tuesday, then I’ll go home for a day or so and then start coming back to the hospital to sit with Bea.

I still can’t believe everything we’ve gone through.  I can’t believe Bea was so sick and that I gave her a part of my liver to save her.  I can’t believe she is recovering so well.  I can’t believe we raised over $30,000 for the research of biliary atresia.  And I can’t believe what phenomenal friends and family we have surrounding us.  

Seriously – I have heard of SO many people praying for Bea from all over the world!  A lot of you reading this – I don’t even know and you’ve reached out with the most touching and sincere emails.  I can’t thank you enough.

 We will still have a few bumps in the road, but the hardest part is behind us.  You all have proven that the power of prayer really does work so please continue on!



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