feeling MUCH better

(thank goodness because I was starting to feel crazy).

SO….after the worst weekend of my life (and that is not a joke), things are finally better and, dare I say, she is the happiest she has ever been.  I’ll let you know if I just jinxed myself.

There are a million theories on why she was acting so crazy (teething, afraid we would leave her again, steroids, separation anxiety, the liver was yelling to go back to it’s original owner, etc) but I think yes – the steroids are a MAJOR reason but also I think she just needed time to adjust to being home.

We’ve come a LONG way since my previous post.  She is sleeping in her crib, getting in her crib awake but falling asleep on her own, I can put her down without her freaking out, she will play by herself, etc etc.  

The whole living donor liver transplant thing was the first miracle.

This was the second.

(reference video below).

[3 weeks post transplant and OH so happy!]




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