Biopsy for Beazy

Just wanted to give a little update on our busy Bea.  Last Monday (August 10th) I had planned the most amazing day.  A couple of friends sent me gift cards to Woodhouse Day Spa in Montgomery and I found the perfect opportunity to use them.  I was finally able to get out of the house for a couple of hours and just relax.  Things were going so well with Bea that I thought  I could just close my eyes and pretend none of this had even happened.  

We did our usual nurse visit that morning and after I got Bea all ready to venture out into the real world, I dropped her off at my in-laws where she would play for a couple of hours.

I drop her off…drive to downtown Montgomery and have a quick lunch at the bar of Stonecreek.  Delish.  Then I walk over, check into Woodhouse, put my robe on and as I am walking back for my massage my phone rings.  

Every time this phone number pops up my heart skips a beat.  Good news?  Bad news? An appointment reminder?  Will I be home so they can drop medical supplies?  A survey?  The call could be a million different things.

And of course, it wasn’t what I wanted.  “Bea’s labs came back and her liver enzymes are extremely elevated.  You need to come in this afternoon for an ultrasound.”

I immediately start crying my eyes out.  I’m crying because I am obviously worried.  I am always worried but especially when I receive a cal like this.  Sick to my stomach worried.  And selfishly, I am crying because the one day I try and do something to put my mind at ease I get a call like this.  It’s like Bea can’t catch a break.  And either can I…literally.

So, I change out of my robe, go pick Bea up, and Jordan and I take Bea to Children’s for her ultrasound.  

Everything from her ultrasound came back great but they want to take labs again tomorrow (Tuesday).  Tuesday comes and enzymes are still high.  We adjust her medication. Thursday labs still high.  They give her the weekend to adjust to the new dose of medication.

Monday labs and results were still high.  

SO – we are heading into the hospital either Thursday or Friday for a liver biopsy.  They will put her under, take a tiny piece of her liver out to test it (just seems crazy because  we just put it in!), and then we spend the night.  The next day we should have the results and depending on the results we could be there a day or 5-7 days.  

So what are they testing for?  Rejection.  Acute or chronic.  They could also find out that her enzymes are elevated because she has a small virus, or she’s allergic to one of her medications, or something different.  I feel like there are a million possibility but the main concern is rejection.

I don’t even want to go into what rejection means and what is acute vs chronic and how it will affect her long term.  I will cross that bridge when if we get there.  

In the meantime, we are keeping our spirits high, our faith strong , and although tough, trying not to ride the roller coaster.



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