“no rejection”

There is nothing sweeter than those 2 words coming out of the doctor’s mouth.  No rejection.  No freaking rejection.

After Bea went under for her biopsy, came out of anesthesia, and was moved to a room on her normal floor – A4 North – we waited for a few hours until hearing the results. 

Of course, I prepared myself for the worst while still keeping a positive attitude about the situation.  Among a million things I thought about being in the hospital next week, about what the intense steroids would do to Bea (I don’t think her cheeks could get any bigger!), and about what an early episode of rejection would mean for her long term.  I’ve been thinking about it all since her numbers became elevated.  And now, I can relax. 

No rejection.

9:30am was Bea’s biopsy and we made it up to her room around 1pm.  Knowing we wouldn’t get the results until evening or tomorrow morning, Jordan ran to work for a couple of hours.

Then, of course while he was gone, a few doctors and a few nurses walked into Bea’s room.  Bracing myself I asked

 “Okay…what’s the deal?”

“No rejection.”

“WHAT?! (without trying to get too excited)  Then what is it?”

“It’s nothing.”

“NOTHING?!  What do you MEAN nothing?!”

“She has a little inflammation in her liver but nothing her current medications won’t fix.  You can go home tomorrow.”

Praise God!  Good news!  GREAT news!

Even better news – Bea is going to continue on her healthy, chubby, path.  With us.  At home.

[Getting ready for the biopsy]

[Being wheeled up to her room]

[After the news – smiles all around!]



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