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What a week!  The week was full of the normal nurse visits 2x, blood draws, hospital visits, etc but the weekend was my very first and one of my best friend’s wedding!  It was the first time Jordan & I had been out with friends in over 6 months and it was definitely a nice break (although we missed the Beazy noodle).  Check out some highlights below 🙂

[Had to get out of the house so we went to the park to get some fresh air.  Thanks for the sweater Burts Bees Baby!]

[Last Tuesday was 7 weeks post transplant]

[Siamese twins with my best friend all weekend long.  Couldn’t ask for anything better.]

[The 3 stooges]

[How BEAUTIFUL is the bride? ]

[Find my dress HERE.]

[Because we can’t take Bea anywhere, some of my friends came over and sat outside – they weren’t allowed inside because of germs-and I was able to give them a quick glance at the noodle before putting her down for a nap!]


[Having so much fun while we were out.]

[I’m OBSESSED with these earrings and wore them to the rehearsal dinner.  Find them HERE.]

[One of us was SO sleepy after the weekend and one of us wasn’t.]

[Serving major face.]

[8 month pictures at the park.]



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