weekly wears & good news

Bea’s numbers are down!!!! (trying not to ride the roller coaster).  Her labs came back Monday afternoon & her numbers have come down and after her ultrasound today we found out that the build of of fluid has decreased in size!  THANK goodness!  We have escaped the drain (knock on wood).  We are SO grateful for the good news 🙂  Below are some highlights of our week…

[New obsession with the paper at the hospital]

[All smiles as we celebrated 9 weeks post transplant last Tuesday]

[Her new favorite – and messy – treat….blueberries!]

[Strapped this 21lb baby to me for a little walk.  More of a challenge than I thought.  ]

[My sister bought Bea a ball pit in an effort to diversify our day – it has worked!]

[”Why’d you take me out?’]

[Newest addition to our living room.  “Powering through”]

[Someone got out of their PJ’s Sunday and someone didn’t]

[Someone also got ice cream in the middle of the day]

[And she rolled over in her crib!  The days of swaddling are over!]



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