i got to meet rachel platten

YOU GUYS!  I had the mist incredible night last night and have to share!  SO, the company I work for hosts an annual concert, Bosom Ball to raise money for breast cancer.  It is always an incredible, well attended event with amazing current artists.  This year, Rachel Platten was their headliner. 

 Since I haven’t been to work in a few months ( I go back November 2nd), I heard the news on the radio and just couldn’t believe SHE was coming to Cincinnati.

Long story short, last night I found myself with Jordan & my sister and her fiance (still sounds so weird that she’s engaged) in VIP for her concert and Jordan and I were gearing up for our own person meet and greet.

***Let me pause by saying, do I work for the best company in the world or what?  I haven’t been to work in months and they thought of me and I’m sure pulled a million strings to make this happen.  I’m so grateful and even more excited to get back to work with so many of my friends.***

SO, her people pulled us back to meet her and first of all – she is SO small and has the biggest smile I think I have ever seen.  I was just in awe of her!  I started talking to her and she cut me off and said “How’s Bea doing?”.  LIke WHAT?!  She already knew about our little fighter!  

After chatting for a few minutes she asked if Jordan and I wanted a glass of whiskey.  My reaction?  “ I LOVE whiskey!” (Never had whiskey in my life).  

She led us back to her green room with the rest of her group and we cheersed and all just sat around chatting.  I gave her a BEAstrong t-shirt and a little note with a copy of the video.  As I was explaining about the video she cut me off again (so rude 🙂 ) and said “I’ve seen it.  I love what you did with my songs.”  

Seriously though – I just can’t truly explain what it felt like to meet the person who built your anthem from over the last several months.  Her Fight Song has been our fight song.  It has inspired us, reminded us to keep pushing, and invigorated our urge to #BEAstrong.  It was just so full circle that I got to look her in the face and tell her that.

After we chatted, we left and went back up to the balcony to share the story with my sister and her fiance.  We were in a GREAT area for the concert, overlooking the stage, but during her set Jordan looked at us and said “Let’s get as close as we can.”  He grabbed my arm before I had a chance to disagree and we all went down to standing-room-only and got as close to the stage as we could.  


SO – basically, I got to meet Rachel Platten, tell her how much her music has impacted us, watched her sing our anthem live…all on a Thursday night.  An unforgettable experience and one I will think of often!

Check out some pics below & a couple of videos 🙂


[my glass of whiskey!!!!!]




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