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I hope you all had a nice weekend!  My week last week was PACKED and this one is shaping up to be similar 🙂  In a good way.  We have the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Donor Recognition dinner tonight where Bea will be honored and we are SO excited (although she won’t be in attendance). 🙂  Stayed tuned with more pics!

In the meantime, last week was just as great.  3 girls from St Ursula Academy (where I went) asked me to come in and speak to a group about the importance of organ donation.  2 of the girls are VERY close to this cause as they have battled their own health scares or have family members currently dealing with potential transplantation.  Their stories are incredible and since they are AMAZING they wanted to share with their classmates how important it is to become an organ donor.  They expected about 20 girls to attend (since it was optional) and they had a PACKED house!  Such a testament to these girls and the supportive community that SUA provides!

It was an incredible presentation and because they took the time to put this together – they will change the outcome for many families if even ONE girl signs up to become an organ donor.  I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with their passion and how just great of people they are.  It is kind of odd, but after leaving SUA that day I couldn’t stop thinking about how when Bea is in high school, how I hope SHE follows in their footsteps and becomes as passionate about this cause as they are.  


[The amazing t-shirts they had made!]

[Because Bea had an allergic reaction to one of her medications, we now have to go to the hospital 1x/month for an infusion of an alternate medication.  This sign greeted us once we were assigned to a room. 🙂 ]

[Trying to keep her occupied while we waited for the medicine]

[A little Frozen…I had to 🙂 ]

[Because they have to give this as an infusion they have to put an IV in.  It is SO sad when they do this because she FREAKS out and looks at me like ‘why are you letting them do this’.  It is enough to completely shatter your heart.  It normally only takes one stick but this time it took 2 and we both were EXHAUSTED once it was over.]

[Although we ended up being at the hospital until 7pm, Jordan and I decided to continue on with the date night we had planned.  For those that live in Cinci – have you been to e+o yet?  It.Is.Amazing.  Seriously.  Everything that we had on the menu was delish – check it out HERE.  After that, we went for ice cream sundaes….I deserved it.]

[And Sunday we played a little dress up!]

[And DRUMROLL PLEASE……JUST got the EBV numbers back for this week and the chart speaks for itself – knock on wood.  We are beyond thrilled and just continue praying that this number stays down!]



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