update on lockdown status


So – this week was a really great one and our appointment with our AMAZing doctor on Friday went really well too.  She is VERY pleased with how well Bea is doing and even gave us some good news.

1.  Because we missed our family vacation in July (for obvious reasons) we have been dying to get Bea on the beach.  Our doctor gave us clearance that as long as we drive (planes are germy) we can go to our favorite spot, Longboat Key Florida.  This was MUSIC to me ears!  We are planning on driving through (14 hours) the day after Christmas, celebrating her first birthday there, and cheersing to the New Year there too.  It will be amazing.

2.  We are allowed out of the house a little.  Although the tighter our circle, the less likely Bea is to get sick…we got clearance to venture out of the house a little more than we have been.  If it is nice, we can take her out WITHOUT her bubble on which is a HUGE win.  Normally, if we walk her around outside and get close to Hyde Park Square, we put her bubble on because it is a little more crowded.  She told us that we can move around without the bubble on unless we are visiting the hospital for her appointments.

3.  As we are walking around the square and want to pop in to grab a coffee or hop into a store, we can now do that WITHOUT her bubble on AS LONG AS if people get close to her we ask them to keep their distance.  I have said this before and although I feel crazy when I do, it just isnt worth the risk of her catching something from someone else.

We also got clearance to do a couple other things with her (at our discretion) but overall, the vibe is is that we still shouldn’t let her play with anyone, be held by anyone else, but we CAN take her out carefully to uncrowded places.  Once we are through flu season – we might be able to open it up even more!

SO – if you see us out – please know that I am THRILLED to be out of the house but also a little nervous about the germ situation.  #crazymom



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