weekly wears

This week has flown by!  Not a ton of news other than Bea went in for a lab draw last night (Tuesday night).  Jordan takes her every other week and thank goodness he does because I wouldn’t be able to watch it every time.  The good news is that she didn’t cry this time!  Such a little trooper 🙂  AND we got the results back this morning and after a small jump in the EBV from last blog draw the EBV is down again.  We are so thankful.  Rest of her labs looked good.  Her Prograf level (her immunosuppressants that prevent her from rejecting) was low but we are riding it out in the hopes that her immune system is awake enough to continue fighting off the EBV but not too awake that is starts fighting the liver.

Other than that – she is happy, happy, happy and is moving, moving moving.  She is getting into everything, pulling herself up, becoming adventurous trying to go up the stairs and just eating and sleeping beautifully.  

We are so blessed!

[Bea’s friend Jack’s first birthday – LUMBERjack themed and it was SO cute! ]



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