Beazers EBV


I am still working on my post for Napa but wanted to ask for a bunch of prayers for Miss Beazy.  Her EBV is back.  With a vengeance.  

The highest her EBV was up last time was 40,000 and since we lowered her Prograf it has gone down, down, down.  In the last week it has spiked.  

We had a blood draw last Monday and the results came back at 30,000.  We were leaving the next day and we both had the biggest pit in our stomachs.  She went into the hospital over the weekend (my parents took her for her monthly infusion) and they tested it again.  Just 5 days later it had gone to 47,000.

The highest it has ever been.

She is going in tonight for a blood draw to check the levels again and we are going in to see our doctor on Thursday to figure out a game plan.

Would appreciate any and all good vibes and prayers coming our way this week as we figure out what the heck this EBV is doing and why it just won’t leave her alone.  



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