weekly wears

Here are some highlights of our week!

[A great quote for my little Bea….]

[I have SO much costume/statement jewelry so I am trying to bring some back into rotation.  Here are a pair of vintage clip on earrings that I totally forgot I have but I LOVE.]

[I posted this picture last week on Instagram.  This was the morning of Bea’s surgery.  Without a filter.  Hard to believe that she was that yellow.]

[LOVED this painting and bid on it at the Kenzie’s Closet event.  Didn’t win – bummer – but will be keeping my eyes peeled for something similar!]

[And my little ski bunny!  how cute is this hat from my sister?!]

[And Saturday night we had SO much fun going out and celebrating one of my closest friends 30th birthdays!]

[And Sunday we ventured down to Smale Park for the first time.  I was completely blown away.  It was gorgeous and as Bea gets bigger and healthier – there will be so much for us to do!]




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