1 year ago…..

Exactly 1 year ago today Bea went in for her 2 month appointment with our pediatrician.  The noticing of yellow in her eyes moved to a quick blood draw (which at the time I thought was THE WORST thing in the world), and then we received the phone call that would change our lives.

“Hillary, you need to get Bea and go to Children’s immediately.”

What a debilitating night and an extremely scary next several months.  I wish I could tell that frightened, worried mom to take a deep breath and have faith that things would get better.

Because they did.

When we were waiting for my testing to be complete and I knew Bea was getting worse and worse I had a total mental breakdown with Bea’s liver doctor.  I just remember crying and saying “How can you act like everything is going to be fine?” 

and her response?  

“Because I know what the other side looks like.”

We are finally on the other side and the other side is bright.  Although we continue to have ups and downs, we couldn’t be more thankful for the progress Bea has made.  Today, Bea is trying to walk, she is chatty, and she is starting to experience life the way she should.  We are so thankful and continue to count our blessings.


You have come a long way in this last year.  Your dad and I are so proud of the little girl you are growing up to be and you truly are the strongest person we know.  Your feistiness and sass are what have brought you this far so don’t ever lose that (I will be eating my words in about 10 years).  

We love you more than you’ll ever know and are so thankful to have you as our daughter.



[Pictures of Bea 2 days before she was diagnosed.]


[The night of March 9th when one of the doctors got out of their bed at home and met us at the hospital to start explaining what they believed was going on.]



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