Well, it is always something, right?  Just when things started to feel “normal” we get hit with a crazy liver number.  

Bea was down to 1 blood draw about every 3-4 weeks and the two things causing us concern were her EBV and allergy numbers.  While the EBV has continued to fluctuate, we aren’t as concerned unless the number jumps dramatically and she starts to become symptomatic (which has yet to happen).  As for the allergies, we did the peanut test and she passed.  The next is the direct egg test and that will be happening in 2 weeks.

Bea went in for a routine blood draw 2 Mondays ago and one of her liver numbers was high.  They had us go back this past Monday and it is climbed even higher.  She goes in again today to have it tested.  The number is ALT and is typically used to detect liver injury.  So, when this number is up – we are worried.  The good news is, is that when the ALT is up AND the GGT is up – that could potentially mean rejection.  Fortunately, the GGT has been extremely stable so we are hoping the results from today’s lab draw rules rejection out.

SO – lab draw today, prayers tonight, and results in the morning.  If the results come back that her ALT is still high or even higher, we will likely go into the hospital for an ultrasound and potentially a liver biopsy (which they put her under and we stay overnight).  

Hoping and praying the number miraculously goes down and we can have an easy weekend.

While I was up last night thinking about Bea, I stumbled upon this article that a fellow “children’s family” posted.   It brought me to tears thinking about the countless times we have had to bring Bea back to be put under and every single time it is terrifying.  Every time.  You hope for the best but the worst is still in the back of your mind. 

So, if you are reading this, say a quick prayer for those children going through operations this morning and pray for their families.  Pray for the moms who have a piece of their heart in the operating room  and pray for the dads that have to hide their fear & be strong for their family.  

It is no easy situation to be in and as we get the results tomorrow deciding whether we will be putting Bea under once again, pray for her and pray for her little liver.



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