THANK YOU so much for the thoughts and prayers over the last 24 hours.  We got the results from the blood work back this morning and her ALT was even a little more elevated.  We waited to hear from Bea’s doctor and Dr Campbell basically said this…

Bea’s elevated ALT could mean potential MILD rejection.  At this point, no ultrasound and no biopsy.  Instead, we are going to increase her Prograf just slightly and redo labs on Monday.

Prograf is her medication that suppresses her immune system.  What could potentially be happening is that as we have lowered her Prograf to help wake her body up enough to fight the EBV, it might have woken up just enough to start recognizing that there is a foreign organ.  In order to reverse this, we would increase her Prograf to, essentially, put her body back to sleep.

So, she is currently on .5mg of Prograf in the morning and 1mg of Prograf in the evening. We are moving her to 1mg of Prograf at both times to, again, let her immune system rest.

All in all, we are not happy with the elevated numbers but we are happy that Dr Campbell has a great course of action.  We change her medication, let her body adjust over the weekend, and test again on Monday.  

I will keep you posted and, again, we truly appreciate your prayers of support!



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