we are expecting

It is with MUCH excitement that I share that Jordan, Bea, and I are expecting a new addition to our family in October!

I know.  Are we crazy?  Don’t we have enough stress?  Yes and yes.  

However, Jordan and I have always felt very strongly that no matter what we are up against, we have so much more love to give and our family just isn’t finished yet.  

I’ve always wanted to have more than one baby but when everything happened with Bea I just didn’t think it was going to be possible or even “fair” for her.  She needed so much attention and there are so many trips to the hospital, blood draws, speech, PT, etc etc etc.  It wasn’t until I had a great conversation with one of our doctors that my head starting matching up with my heart.

At one of our doctor appointments, one of our doctors (who shall remain nameless :)) said 

“Can I ask you a question that’s none of my business?”

“Of course.  I love these types of questions.”

“Do you think you’ll have more children?”

And then the water works started.  Through my tears I explained that although we wanted to have more children I just wasn’t sure it was selfish of me because of how much attention Bea was going to need.

The doctor then went on and explained that she asked the question because she figured that’s what I was feeling.  And a sibling for Bea would be the best for HER and for our family.  It would take a lot of the attention off of her, let her live a normal life, and let us move on and continue our family the way we always thought.

I can’t even describe the relief I felt after this conversation.  Hearing this doctor confirm that what I had always hoped, made us both feel more confident in our feelings to expand our family.

Reason #1308213982938 why I love Children’s Hospital and LOVE our doctors.

SO, if I were you, I would probably be wondering a couple of questions…. 

Will your next baby have biliary atresia?  The answer is (God willing) extremely extremely unlikely, as there is no known cause for biliary atresia. There has not been one reported case of a family having 2 children with this disease.

Now, there is always a chance something else will pop up (like it would for anyone else) and Jordan and I have discussed that possibility too.  The bottom line is that no matter what could be thrown our way, we are ready.  With that being said, we are also praying every night that our second child is just a liiiiiiiittle easier than Miss Bea.

Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or girl?  We didn’t find out with Bea and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we have ever made (for us).  We are both big planners so naturally our first reaction was to find out but with so few surprises in life, we decided to wait.  And we will be waiting again 🙂

Due date?  We are due October 25th but because Bea was a c-section baby, our doctor will schedule her delivery the week before our due date.  But who really knows when the baby will come considering Bea was 2.5 weeks early!

Are you worried about the new baby bringing germs home to Bea?  We will always have to be careful with germs as they relate to Bea’s health but she also has to live a normal life.  Once she is in school she will come in contact with all sorts of things so the more we can introduce her to people and small little germs, the better.

Are you healed enough from surgery to carry the baby?  Yes.  We are almost 10 months out from surgery and the doctors gave me the green light to continue living as I normally would.  We actually ran into the lead liver surgeon (on my surgery) at the Celestial Ball and when I told him he couldn’t have been more excited for us.  My scar will likely look crazy as my stomach gets bigger and it will look even crazier after the baby is born but my husband thinks it is “badass” so I guess I don’t mind it either.

How are you ever going to love anyone as much as Bea?  If you are a mother of more than 1, you probably aren’t wondering this question but I think about it ALL of the time.  I have such a special connection with Bea and truly admire her strength, perseverance, and great attitude.  I could go on and on but one thing that keeps popping up in my brain is, “am I going to love this next baby as much?” and the answer I hear from everyone with multiple children is YES.  Bea fills every inch of my heart but from what I hear, your love for your first doesn’t cut in half to make room for the new baby but, instead, doubles.  

SO – as this blog has always been my space for openness, it will continue to be as we navigate this pregnancy and life with two little babies.  We truly appreciate your prayers and support during all of the craziness over the last year and the craziness that is still to come.  

My hope is that for anyone reading this going through a tough time or has a child with unique needs that they realize you CAN start to feel “normal” again.  

Your definition of “normal” might change, but the feeling of just getting into a groove can and will happen again.  



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