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So, I am not one to talk a lot about guys fashion but with Father’s Day coming up in another month I thought I would share some recent favorite products that might be a great fit for your dad or husband for the holiday.

#1.  Gekks.  From what Jordan says, it is so hard to find socks that fit in his boat shoes that actually fit perfectly.  Then came Gekks.  Gekks are a great, breathable sock that adheres to the inside of your shoe so they stay in place AND allows you to step out of your shoe barefoot.

ALSO, from what I hear, your guy’s boat shoes can get an smell so quickly that they need to be replaced about every year.  Gekks are made with the same technology that keeps the US Special Forces gear fresh during long missions.  That’s some serious business!

They also make Gekks for women so when you’re buying him a couple of pairs, pick up a couple for yourself! 

Find them HERE!

#2.  Jumper Threads.  I am happy to report that I found this one on my own.  I was in a client meeting with this company and was totally blown away by their shirts.  The softness, length, and packaging were all on point.  

Jumper Threads are men’s undershirts that fit snugly and have a long length so they don’t come untucked.  Jordan has become a BIG fan and I have one that I wear it bed.  It is the comfiest tee in the world.  

Find them HERE!

#3.  Tommy John.  Tommy John makes boxer briefs that Jordan is obsessed with.  While they are pretty pricey, he says they are worth every cent.  I didn’t ask for details so just trust me.  Your guy will love them.

Find them HERE!

4.  Wurkin Stiffs.  Wurkin Stiffs are collar stays for you guy’s dress shirts.  The reason Jordan loves them is because when you don’t wear a tie, they keep your collar up and in place.  It makes all of his dress shirts so much more versatile.  He wears them every time he doesn’t wear a tie and they are perfect.

Find them HERE.

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