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These weeks are flying by!  I am officially just about 17 weeks pregnant and my 16 week ultrasound went great.  No exciting news (which in my world is good)…heard the baby’s heartbeat and are anxiously awaiting the 20 week anatomy appointment.  Although we aren’t finding out the gender, we will take a deep breathe once everything looks okay after the ultrasound.

In other news – I’ve had such a fun couple of weeks being out and about with Bea!  I have taken her to so many new places, tried new foods (although we are instructed to avoid direct egg for the next year), and she has just loved being out and about!  

Here are some highlights from our last couple of weeks!

[My Cinco de Mayo date!]

[Took Bea to Skyline for the first time and she LOVED it!  How could she not?!]

[We are SO excited to be a part of Life Center 2017′s calendar!]

[The cutest little pose she gets into every night.  The sweetest.]

[PJs all day]

[A little pick me up]

[And more skyline…don’t judge…]

[And off to Frozen on Ice!  I was so skeptical that Bea wasn’t going to sit still but she was mesmerized by the whole show.  She had a blast!  And so did we 🙂 ]

[And we made a few special cookie over the weekend]



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