blip, blip, blip

There is always a blip it seems like.  Especially when things are going smoothly.

So, Bea went in on Monday night for a blood draw.  We got her results Tuesday and a lot of them just seemed off.  Numbers were low, she’s been looking a little pale, after getting over a 3 week cough it came back, etc.  

On top of it all, her EBV shot up and is the highest it has been.  

Obviously we are worried.  

We got a call from her liver doctor and she asked us to come in Tuesday.  We went in for her to examine Bea and all looked okay but she sent us to get a chest x ray and wants us to come back for labs again Thursday night.

Chest Xray came back totally fine.  We will take her back in Thursday night for a lab draw to see if her numbers normalize.

We are also dropping her Prograf (her medication that suppresses her immune system) so her body wakes up enough to hopefully fight the EBV.

Bottom line is that although our overall is good…our day to day can change at the drop of a hat.  While we haven’t had any serious complications recently..this EBV makes me extra nervous (especially when it spikes).

I just have to keep telling myself that Bea is in the best hands possible.  Our team at Cincinnati Childrens will do anything to keep her healthy and keep her progressing.  In the meantime, I need to keep a steady head, not ride the rollercoaster, and try not to stress TOO much in order to keep our other baby safe and sound.

Can I ask you a quick favor?  Please say a quick prayer for Miss Bea.  In the middle of the day, before you go to bed, while you’re driving…please just say a quick little something to the man upstairs and hopefully the tests Thursday will be better.

Will keep you posted on results from Thursdays labs.



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