here is what I know….

I know that Bea is happy and from the outside, looks good.  

I also know that we got some results back and are still waiting for some.  But here is the recap….

Bea had crazy numbers this week that were very, very worrisome.  We went in Tuesday to see her doctor and she ordered a chest X-ray that night, labs on Thursday, full body x-ray for Thursday, and Ultrasound on Friday.

Let’s start with the full body x-ray & lab draw.  First of all, I don’t like to go to the lab draws because it is SO sad and Jordan is so much better at dealing with it.  So he took her to go do that and then took her for her x-ray.  He takes her in and they have to put weighted bags on her to keep her still.  

I heart was breaking hearing about her crying, looking up at him.  When he recounted this story he just looked SO exhausted and so defeated.  🙁 But thank God I have him.

Ultrasound was Friday and that went great.  She watched her favorite movie and was taking her tiny fingers and flicking the ultrasound person’s hand trying to get her off.  It was actually kind of funny.

We are still waiting for some results but a lot of the big stuff is back.

This is what we’ve learned…..

No broken bones

No bone cancer

LDH and Uric Acid – these are markers of active cancer – NORMAL.

Bone marrow is making baby red blood cells like it should

Liver looks good.  No bile duct issues and flows are normal in the vessels.  

EBV is down

She has 3 viruses.  Parainfluenza, Rotavirus, and Norovirus.  All three are normal kid viruses but in someone like Bea they can put her in the hospital.  

HOWEVER – it doesn’t look like that’s where she’s headed.  Like I said, she is happy as a clam just having some digestive issues, cough, and runny nose.  Hoping we are seeing the worst of it and she is on the road to recovery.

Obviously we were worried sick over the last several days but with the positive results rolling in, we were able to continue on with the weekend like we planned.  

THANK YOU for your continued support and prayers.  This IS a rollercoaster and I hate to put you on it with me but I truly truly believe that the more people thinking and praying for Bea, the better.  And obviously that has been working.


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