annual exam

Happy Monday!

It is a happy Monday, indeed, for us at the Weidner house as we got the final test results from Bea’s annual exam.

Although Bea hit a few big bumps a couple of weeks ago, she is feeling MUCH better and maintaining her sass.  

On the health front she is also looking good.  Her liver ultrasound looked awesome, her lab work looked like everything is heading back in the right direction, her EBV is down to 2,800, and her ECHO revealed that 1 of the holes in her heart has closed!  Although she still has one tiny hole it is something they don’t expect to give her any issues.  It is such a small thing that Cardiology isn’t even going to follow her and we won’t do another ECHO for 2 years.


Also, they tested Bea for this one blood test that ultimately shows if her blood is reacting to the liver.  Not something that can cause short term damage but is a good indicator if she could potentially reject long term.

Got the results back for that this morning and there was so indication of a reaction.

BIG yay!

Although it isn’t a guarantee that she won’t reject, it is a great indicator that we might be able to try to remove her immunosuppressants in several years and see if her body will accept her liver without them.  Big things to hopefully look forward to.

In other news, we tested out the plastic pool next to the baby pool at our swim club over the weekend.  They made it super easy.  We called before we came, the filled it up and by the time we got there it was ready for the queen.  The good news is that she was not interested in the baby pool OR even her plastic pool.  She just wanted to walk around the pool deck and play with toys.  HUGE RELIEF and am hoping she will continue socializing and not want to jump in 🙂  

We also attended one of the most beautiful weddings over the weekend.  One of my best friends from high school got married and it was SO beyond special.  She met her husband at Notre Dame and now lives in Miami, FL with him.  Miami is where his family is from and let me tell you – they were a fun crowd! 

There were so many fun special moments during the ceremony and reception that I don’t think I can list them all!  I will, however, tell you about one of THE NICEST things anyone has ever done for me. Period.

This sign was on every table at the reception.

When I walked into the Taft I spotted the logo from accross the room and when I ran over and read the note I was ugly crying for about 10 minutes.

How incredible is this couple?  To think of someone else on THEIR special day? I was just floored (and still am).  They had me in tears, Jordan in tears and my parents in tears!  Truly one of the most genuine and sweetest gestures of all time and something I will remember always.

[And some other pics from this week…..]

[We got to visit with a VERY special friend this weekend who was in town from DC!  Just brunch with the ladies!]

[and the noodle enjoying her swing!]

[A closet fit for a queen]

[New pillows I am obsessed with.  Find them HERE (and I got them on major sale!]

[How most of our pictures turn out….]

[My mom took Bea to the zoo but I advised her to stay away from the gorilla exhibit.]



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