$7 for 7/7

It is SO hard to believe that 7/7 is almost upon us.  

First, I need to say THANK YOU so so very much from the bottom of my heart for all of the love, good vibes, prayers, and support we have received over the last year.  We would not have been able to get through this last year without you.  Meals, calls, texts, emails, prayers…it ALL has made such a huge impact on us.

You all have been with us through the ups, the downs, the crazy days right after transplant when Bea wouldn’t stop crying unless I was holding her, and you’ve celebrated the successes with us.  

SO – last year when everything seemed SO out of our control we wanted to do something that felt like we were impacting the situation positively.  What started out as a little fundraising idea kicked off by t shirt sales from the Spotted Goose turned into a $35,000+ fundraising campaign supported by ALL OF YOU.

That $35,000 went towards the research of biliary atresia at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital & Medial Center.

I am happy to report that we have kept close with the lab where the funds were donated and they were SO appreciative.  Their mission is to figure out WHY biliary atresia happens and HOW they can stop it from resulting into a liver transplant.

In the early stages, Jordan and I did a tour of the lab and passively learned that they have a VERY special microscope that doctors and researchers make sure to get to the lab as early as 4am just so they can use it first.

To me – the simple fix would be to get another one.  The issue?  It is $9,958.36.

We have a new mission this year.  Our goal is to raise enough money to buy this lab another microscope so the can study the biliary system in mice and figure out more about this crazy disease.

SO – please watch the video and PLEASE donate below.  If you are new to our #BEAstrong team – just donate $7 in honor of our surgery date, 7/7.  

OR – even better – donate as much as you can.

If you donated last year, we are asking you to #GiveWhatYouGave.  




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