7 days of gratitude – day 1


It is so hard to believe that we are 7 days out from our surgery date of 7/7/15.  We have so much to be thankful for so every day leading up to Bea’s LIVERverary I’m going to do a quick post about one thing I am thankful for over the last year.

The first day of gratitude goes to my husband, Jordan.  We have been together since we first met at a dive bar in Cincinnati on New Years Eve over 10 years ago.  At the time we were both going to Miami University – Jordan a junior and I was a freshman.  We dated for a long time until I finally decided to move home from Chicago and we got engaged.  Saying “yes” was easily the best decision I’ve ever made.

We often talk about how those two carefree kids from college had NO CLUE what was about to come their way.  We didn’t know our lives would get so complicated and scary.  We didn’t know that we could love someone SO much and would do anything to keep them alive.  We didn’t know how truly valuable living in our hometown and being surrounded by family and friends would be.  

We didn’t know a lot.

Now, we are thankful for so much but I am especially thankful for him.  He is my very best friend and the most sweet and loving dad to Bea.  He pulled me up when I was at my lowest and has never lost sight of what the bright side would be for our family.  He is my rock and my forever partner in life.  I am beyond grateful for him and I don’t know where I would be without him.

[SO – June 30th.  7 days before our big day.  This picture was taken on June 30, 2015 – exactly 1 year ago.  What a difference a year makes.]

[And now….]

[Thank you, Jordan, for leading our team this far and getting us to this point.  You are our rock.]



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