7 days of gratitude – day 5

Day 5 of our 7 days of gratitude goes to the Cincinnati community.  

Like you know, Jordan and I are both from here so when talking about our future and where to raise kids, Cincinnati always seemed like the best option to both of us.  We loved growing up in this city and with all of the major changes to the parks and to downtown, we knew it would just keep getting better.

Thank goodness we decided to stay.

As I’ve previously mentioned, having our family close has been crucial.  Being surrounded by such a loving, engaged, and supportive community has made us feel so loved and supported during this challenging year.  

We are SO thankful for numerous businesses but here are a few little highlights….

Khakis.  Khakis is one of the first retailers of Hyde Park Square.  It is owned by a husband and wife (Peggy and Dave) who are practically family to us.  I grew up working there and it is where my first love for clothing and accessories started.  They are THE kindest people around and Dave has added an accessory to his outfit every day since our surgery – a BEAstrong button.  You won’t see him without it 🙂

Over a month ago they asked if they could help raise money and awareness for Cincinnati Children’s and for Bea’s story.  They purchased and sold these BEAutiful cashmere bee sweaters to their customers and it is, BY FAR, my favorite and coziest item in my closet 🙂  

Their love, support, and thoughtfulness has always been felt throughout this journey but this act of generosity took the cake!  Stop in to see them – you’ll be greeted with a smile and if you’re lucky, a Heineken.  


DEFINE in Oakley.  If you haven’t been to one of DEFINE’s Rev classes or Body classes – you are missing out.  Not only are they a great work out but the studio is owned by the most hard working, kind hearted, and friendly girls that I have ever met.  They are friends and they run their studio like YOU are their friend.

When we were raising money last year for Cincinnati Children’s, one of my extremely thoughtful friends had the idea of partnering with DEFINE on a charity ride to help in our efforts. DEFINE didn’t even hesitate and hosted the MOST AMAZING cycling class that lifted our spirits and really got us REVed up for our surgery date.  AND we raised over $1,000 🙂  It was truly amazing.

Since then, they have offered to do 2 charity rides THIS WEEK – July 7th and July 9th.   Call today to reserve your spot 🙂  513.351.7746

[From last year’s ride!]


Another local business I want to give a quick shout out to is Sleepy Bee.  Sleepy Bee is absolutely one of my favorite restaurants and my #1 brunch spot.  Their food is DELISH and their decor is centered around bees (DUH)!  The manager of their restaurants has been SO kind to us over the last year and even offered to bring food to the hospital the day of our surgery.  Just their kindness and generosity has made us feel so good 🙂


Kortnee Kate Photography.  Kortnee Kate has been a major part of a lot of special moments in our life.  Our wedding, our maternity photos, and our holiday cards.  

When they heard what was going on with Bea they offered to take pictures of day before we went in for 7/7.  They offered to capture Bea and our family right before the big day so we could always remember our journey leading up to transplant.  We were so taken aback by their generosity and are SO glad we took them up on it.

The pictures turned out beautifully.  It is crazy to look at them now.  I see a family so different than the family I see now.  I see a baby with a great spirit but sickly looking.  I see a feeding tube and am immediately reminded of the heartache when they put that in.  I see 2 loving but scared parents.  I see fighters in all three of us.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that we are a strong family unit.  We are 3 people, bonded for life by something so potentially tragic.  I see 3 people who are changed for the better and we can’t thank Kortnee Kate Photography enough for capturing this.

La Petite Pierre.  This incredibly delish restaurant is owned by a family friend and the chef is another friend of our families from forever.  They were so kind to offer to do a donation dinner where 40 of our closest friends and family came to eat right before the big day.  We sat in one room together, enjoyed dinner and dessert, and cheersed to health and happiness.  AND we raised over $1,600!  It was a magical evening and La Petite Pierre was oh-so-generous to host us and donate their time and money to our cause.

****If you haven’t done their Fill the Pot or been to their brunch – you are MISSING OUT!  Get details HERE!****


The Spotted Goose.  Where do I even begin?  When we first received Bea’s diagnosis in the hospital, we were stunned. We didn’t know what to do and were spending our days in the hospital in total shock about what was to come.  I specifically remember my sister coming to the hospital one of those nights with a bag and said “The Spotted Goose dropped this off for you”.  I pulled out of the bag tee shirts and blankets with the most gorgeous logo on them.  They had a tee for each person in our family and baby blankets made for Bea with “Queen Bea” on them.  They had a baby onesie and cute little shoes to match.

This thoughtful bag from a local retailer (and now a friend) is what sparked it all.

We immediately felt tied together as a team.  We started coming out of our haze and realizing that as a group, we were going to fight through this and get Bea healthy.  And when all else seemed so out of our control, there was one thing we could do to make a difference. 

This is when our fundraising started.

After receiving this incredibly thoughtful package we called Amy (owner of The Spotted Goose and Soho) and after repeatedly thanking her, asked if we could buy a bunch of the tshirts and sell them to raise money and awareness for biliary atresia.  She loved our idea and said she would handle it all.

Little did she know that people would be lining up outside her store waiting for the tees to come in.

After months of shipping tshirts all over the world and welcoming local supporters through her door, Amy helped us raise A TON of money for our cause.

But she truly did more than that.  She provided us with a way to feel useful when we felt helpless.  She rallied a team behind us – Team #BEAstrong and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.


Thank you to ALL local retailers and the rest of the community for your love and support.  



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