our hearts are broken.

Our hearts are broken.  Our lives will never, ever be the same.  

I want to start by saying that putting words to what we have experienced over the last week seems like I am minimizing what has happened.  No words that I write on this blog will ever be able to explain the loss, heartache, and just depression we’ve experienced.

Last Monday, July 18th, my dad died at the age of 60.

I called Dad on my way to work like I always do and my mom answered.  It was about 7:25am and she said he was still sleeping.  She explained that he must have a meeting close to the house but she would go in at 7:30am to wake him up and be sure.

I got off of the phone and a part of me thought that it was odd but I wasn’t too alarmed. Dad woke up every day at 4:30am to be at work by 5am.  I talked to him every morning between 7:15 and 7:45 and we rarely missed each other.

What I found out later was that my mom went in to wake him and she couldn’t so she called Jordan.  Jordan rushed over, they called 911, tried to revive him but once the paramedics arrived they realized he had passed around 1am that morning. 

Dad had no history of major health problems and just died in his sleep likely from a massive heart attack or stroke.

Jordan called me on my cell and I was in a meeting so I put him to voicemail.  He texted me that it was an emergency.

He’s never texted me that.  Even through everything with Bea.

I ran out of the conference room screaming into the phone “what’s wrong with Bea what’s wrong with Bea”.  He told me to meet him in the lobby of my building and when I did, he was standing there, crying and looking so defeated.  He was about to deliver the worst possible news to me.  The news I have dreaded my while entire life.

He told me Dad passed.

I have 2 sisters and he has been married to my mom for over 38 years.  He was ALL of our “person”.  He was our constant.  He was our rock,  The 4 of us were his “Kelly girls”. 

He was our open ear, our loving heart, and our warm smile.   

This week, I am going to post my sisters and my eulogies.  What we said about Dad at his funeral.  I will post them in order of who spoke and they will all drive home a common theme – having a good conscience, being courageous, and having strong character.  The 3 C’s are what Dad would talk to us most about and were also 3 things he managed to discuss in each one of our wedding speeches. 

While Dad was the #1 fan of my blog, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to continue.  In the upcoming weeks and months – bare with me.  I might be posting about Dad, or the last dinner we shared with him at Bea’s LIVERversary, or I might just post nothing.  I do know that this has been a safe haven for me to voice my thoughts and feelings and I hope it continues to be.

I also know that Dad would want me to continue.

Please find his obituary HERE and if you know my dad, my sisters, my mom or my family, please consider donating to my Dad’s favorite cause…Beazy’s cause.  





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