My older sister, Mimi Kennedy, started Dad’s eulogy with this beautiful tribute.  

Good morning.  

I know Dad
would want to thank each and every one of you for being here and supporting us
so first and foremost thank you so much.
I also can’t help but think that this is just so typical of him… to
leave the party early.

As most of you know, adjectives to describe Dad can also be
used to describe Sunday night dinners- our family constant, our home base, and
our soft place to land.  

It is our time
to connect and regroup as a family.
Towards the end of the every Sunday night dinner dad would always look
around and say “everyone is off the hook,” meaning, if you are ready to go home
you can.  95% of the time we would all
glance at him and then just go back to our conversations with no intentions of
leaving because we were enjoying ourselves so much.

As we stand up here today it is our turn to tell Dad that he
is off the hook, but behind he leaves his legacy, with his expectations that us
Kelly girls will always live ON the hook as women of Conscience, Courage, and

Going back as far as high school Kairos
letters and as recent as Carolyn’s wedding, Dad has always told us to follow
the three C’s.

He has always said that Conscience,
simply put, is that little voice inside your head telling you to do the right
thing, and that your conscience is
the foundation of your courage and character.  

Dad followed this voice to focus on what was
most important to him- his faith, his family, and his friends.  As one of his friends said to us this week he
would do anything for the people he cared about… without question or reservation,
and he always strived to do what was right.

Moving forward I don’t think any of us will be able to listen
to our conscience in the same way.
Instead of a little voice I’m thinking it’s more of a 6’4”, salt and
pepper husband, father, and grandfather.
The most loving man I have ever known.

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